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Available courts at a time and place that suits you! Both large tennis centers and exclusive private courts. Just find, book, pay and play!

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Search by region, center, or time to find available square times.

From the center profile you will find information about the types of courts and other parameters that will help you decide.

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Find a free square and book as a guest, log in as an existing user, or join the MyGames community.

It is easy and clear in the free squares and you can start booking with just one click!

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Create a game, invite friends to join and those interested to follow. If none of the members of the game can not participate, you will quickly find a replacement among the followers. If you want to join someone else's game, just become a follower and receive notifications about vacancies!


Let your court serve!

Are you the owner or manager of the court? Choose less administration and more occupancy with MyGames!